Holly Stover for State Representative: Standing up for Maine’s kids.

As our State Representative, Holly Stover will stand up for Maine’s kids, beginning by ensuring they get a great education. Improving our schools means that more of our kids can stay here in Maine while building their careers.

With our votes on November 6, Holly will:

  • Build a first-rate education system that fully funds our local schools and keeps our kids in Maine after graduation, while easing our property taxes
  • Invest in career and technical training so that all Mainers can meet the workforce needs of today’s economy
  • Reduce the cost of colleges and universities by providing debt relief to graduates who stay in Maine

Republican Stephanie Hawke failed to keep our kids safe.

We learn in school to do the research and check the facts. It’s sad, but true: Stephanie Hawke failed to keep our kids safe.

As our representative, Hawke consistently opposed common-sense policies meant to keep our kids safe.

In Augusta, Hawke:

  • Voted NO on background checks for day care workers (LD 274, Roll Call 387).
  • Voted NO on testing our schools’ pipes for lead in the water (LD 40, Roll Call 590).

Stand up for our kids. Vote by November 6.